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Adionics is a French company founded in 2012. It develops a disruptive technology based upon Thermal Swing Salt Absorption (TSSA). This patented technology uses well known liquid-liquid extraction equipment. It allows selective salt extraction from brines in a very sustainable way.

Its market applications are:

- Brine valorisation through its minerals: Lithium, Zinc, Potassium, Sodium, Iodide, Bromide...
- Produced water softening and/or desalination,
- Brine water desalination.

Its major benefits are:

- No brine water consumption,
- High salt extraction yields,
- High reconcentration and separation factors,
- Very low energy consumptions,
- Robust to many feed brine species & flexible,
- Sustainable mining to produce clean lithium.

Adionics' major goal today is to apply its TSSA process to Direct Lithium Salt Extraction from brines.

Extractible lithium salt is LiCl from salar continental brine, produced water or geothermal brine mining.

Adionics will have a TSSA DLE demonstrator in end S1 2021.


2 rue Henri Dunant, 94320, Thiais, France

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Patrick Peters


Dominique Mabire


Guillaume de Souza


Jacky Pouessel

R&D Engineer

Pierre Fotso

Lithium Pilot Plant Manager

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Sales Representative

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