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International Investment Forum
"Biofuels Brazil"

27-28 November 2024 São Paulo, Brazil

About the Forum

The International Investment Forum "Biofuels Brazil" serves as a dynamic hub for collaboration and progress, bringing together key stakeholders including biofuel producers, regulatory bodies, government officials, technology pioneers, equipment suppliers, EPC and engineering companies and investors from Brazil, Latin America, and worldwide to explore opportunities, exchange insights, and drive innovation. Against the backdrop of Brazil's pioneering efforts in biofuel production and its commitment to sustainable development, the forum provides a crucial platform for forging strategic partnerships, fostering knowledge exchange, and catalysing advancements in the biofuels sector. With a focus on Brazil's leadership role and its impact on global decarbonization goals, the forum charts a course towards a greener, more sustainable future for generations to come.



Among our regular speakers

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José Luis

Former Secretary of Hydrocarbon Resources

Former Ministry of Energy and Mining, Argentina

speaker photo

Ariel Rabinovich


Argentine Institute of Energy “General Mosconi”

speaker photo

Silvina Aguilar

General Manager / Vice President South America

Excelerate Energy

speaker photo

Heriberto Freyre

Gas, Power & Business Development VP

Pan American Energy SL - Suc. Argentina

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Professor of the Chair of Law of Natural Resources and Protection of the Environment


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Andrea Romina


Goverment of Salta Province Mining and Energy Secretary

speaker photo

Pamela Morales

Undersecretary of Mining Development

Ministry of Economy of Argentina

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Former Minister of Productive Development of Argentina

Ministry of Production of Argentina

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National Scientific and Technical Research Council

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Business Chamber for the Environment – CEMA

Facts and Figures

Global biofuel demand is projected to increase by 30% over the next five years, with Brazil, Indonesia, and India leading growth.

Brazil hosts 30+ biofuel projects, encompassing the production of ethanol, biomethane, biodiesel, SAF, and HVO, with investments exceeding USD 15 billion by 2031. Major players like Acelen, Raízen, BE8 and other are driving significant expansion in the country's biofuel infrastructure.

Supported by initiatives like RenovaBio and the "Fuel of the Future" bill, Brazil's biofuels sector leads sustainable fuel innovation, poised for transformative growth through investment and technological advancement, solidifying its global leadership in the industry.

Ethanol production surged to 32.95 billion litres in 2023, with discussions ongoing for increasing the blend mandate to E30.

Projections indicate a potential 5 billion litres of ethanol annually within a decade, meeting rising national demand and supplying the SAF industry.

Biodiesel production reached a record 7.1 billion litres in 2023, with plans to increase the blend rate to 12% by 2026, reducing diesel import dependency.

Brazil's biogas sector expects increased production, with forecasts of nearly R$ 200 billion in annual revenue and 39 billion cubic meters in potential sales by 2050.

Cellulosic ethanol production, at 51 million litres in 2023, sees significant investments to expand capacity and improve technology.

Brazil aims for significant export growth post-2027 in the global SAF market, collaborating with Japan to develop SAF from ethanol, showcasing commitment to leveraging its biofuel expertise for decarbonizing aviation.

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27-28 November 2024
São Paulo, Brazil

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Sponsors and Partners

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200+ top-tier executives from the biofuels sector, comprising representatives from national firms, governmental bodies, regulatory agencies, academic institutions, project leaders, technology and service providers, as well as EPC and construction companies, will converge for this pivotal event, hailing from Brazil, Latin America, and around the globe.


30+ investment initiatives with operations starting between 2025 to 2031, aimed at advancing, expanding, and scaling up biofuel production within Brazil will be showcased.


30+ hours of dynamic networking! Participate in one-on-one meetings, roundtables, receptions, and interactive discussions. Don't miss the chance to exchange business cards with every attendee!


Dedicated exhibition showcasing cutting-edge equipment and technologies tailored for the biofuels sector, spotlighting innovations from leading industry players from Brazil and beyond.


Strategic Opening Session: Gain critical insights from governmental leaders and industry stalwarts on Brazil's biofuels landscape, exploring governmental initiatives and the nation's strategic positioning in renewable fuels production.


Don't miss the latest technological breakthroughs driving biofuel production, bolstering efficiency, sustainability, and scalability within the industry.


Round Table: Financing Biofuel Projects. Participate in discussions surrounding regulatory frameworks, financing opportunities, and investor assurances for biofuel ventures.


Important! Understand second and third-generation ethanol, HVO, shipping biofuels, and sustainable aviation fuels, along with their technological requirements, regulatory impacts, and market opportunities during our session dedicated to Navigating advanced biofuels.


Explore the Intersection of Circular Economy Principles and Biofuel Production: Join industry experts as they delve into the synergy between circular economy principles and biofuel production, with a focus on advancing the biogas industry.


Get to know innovative supply chain solutions for biofuels: Navigate present challenges and opportunities for future growth in biofuel production, transportation, storage, and downstream activities.


Round Table: Technological Frontiers. Join specialists as they explore the intersection of e-fuels and biofuels, discussing technological advancements, and emerging innovations shaping the future of sustainable fuel production in Brazil.


Ask your burning questions, get advice, and share your experience during and after the sessions!

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